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10 April 2014
Updated Instrumental Tracklist With Cerebral Mindset.  That makes #3

9 March 2014
This is the first song that I've arranged everything myself.  Music, lyrics, arrangement… All in house.  I had the melody for this song in my head for over 18 years.  There's a preview of me playing piano in my military days several years after the first thoughts of the original melody.  I finally just recently composed the arrangement for this track.  I'm pretty happy on the final outcome.

27 February 2014
It has been a long time since I've posted a personal video of you guys seeing my face and hearing my thoughts. So here it is.

2 October 2013
This is the video for the song Just Talking
This is the 1st single off of The Preunion album.

28 March 2013
The quality of this recording is not the original quality of the beat. I recorded my vocal over it playing in the background out of my computer speakers while recording on a webcam mic.  I had to get my thoughts out and wasn't in an ideal situation at the time.

Respect to Crate Society Productions.

21 January 2013
I'm always looking for production.