Wreckless Music

Makin' the Hits since 2004


Hello my name is Erik-Jon Martinez.  My Gemini goes by E.J.A.Y.theBHB.  In 2004 I imagined a concept for lyricists, musicians and recording professionals alike to have that group feel without actually being in a group.  The product is Wreckless Music.  

Statistically speaking the possibility of success is greater through networking and collaboration rather than solitary focus.  We all need a little help.  

Wreckless Music is a movement that breeds creativity through networking.  This leads not only to the possibility of success but also to the beginnings of lifelong relationships.


What more is there to say about "the illest in the European scene".  SamiBoi has been down with Wreckless Music for a long time now (2005 I believe).  Every time his gritty voice blesses a track you're surely in for  a treat.  

E.J.A.Y. TheBHB and SamiBoi have plans for a project called From Philly to Finland.


Tay-Flizame has been down for the movement since its inception.  Full Sail University Graduate Recording BS/Music Business MA.